Monthly Archives: June 2016

How to customize text in the Vuukle

Vuukle allows you to customize text used in the Vuukle comment system according to your needs. The following values can be modified: rating_text – The text present besides the rating widget – Default: Give a rating comment_text_0 – The text for article with no comments – Default: Leave a comment comment_text_1 – The comment count text for […]

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How to schedule revenue reports?

In order to schedule revenue reports, go to Vuukle Dashboard home page, click on your site, and choose Reports from submenu. Enter your email, choose Revenue from drop down list, choose your report schedule, period you need reports for, choose your timezone, and click Submit. Later, you can upgrade or delete this report. Schedule revenue reports – Step by […]

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How to enable Vuukle PowerBar on my page?

If you would like to put social activity in first plan, you can enable Vuukle PowerBar. There are two options available – vertical and horizontal. Enable Vuukle PowerBar – Horizontal To enable horizontad PowerBar, insert this line of code on your page: <div class=”vuukle-powerbar”></div> This is how end horizontal bar should look like: Enable Vuukle PowerBar […]

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How to embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript?

To embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript, log into the Vuukle dashboard and open the Integration drop-down present in the top menu. Then, proceed to click on the Setup Guide link In the Choose your platform section, select the JavaScript option. After that, from the Settings section choose the Language (The option for Transliteration of the text in the comment box) and […]

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How to add payment information in Vuukle?

To add payment information, go to home page of your Vuukle dashboard, and click on “Please, complete your billing info” link.  All data that  you add at this moment can be edited later under Settings –  Payment Details. When you are on Payment Details page, fill in required data and click Save. Add payment information – Screenshots Go […]

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