February 4, 2016

5 SEO Tips to Reach the Top in 2016

5 SEO tips to stay ahead of competition on 2016

This blog post is for you who need to make their website rank higher. We compiled a list of five best SEO tips and strategies for 2016.

If you already are a blogger, you know to be successful, the workload is very high. You need to research content, write posts, create videos and images, interact and create a relationship with other bloggers and do SEO. Yes, the good and old SEO – ok – maybe an updated version of it!

In this post you will learn:

  • How Search Engine Optimization is changing
  • What you can expect from SEO in 2016
  • The top 5 SEO tips and strategies that will work in 2016

How Search Engine Optimization is Changing

Probably only a few of you remember of a mythical time where we just stuffed tons of keywords into a webpage and it ranked. Those keywords didn’t even need to be seen by visitors, you could just add a white block of text on top of a white background, write “SEO” a thousand times on it and done, you were ranking top 3 for that keyword.

Obviously, after some time Search Engines discovered this trick and stop giving weight and even penalized pages that were doing this. But then we discovered that we didn’t need to simply write keywords on page body, we could add them to title tags, H tags and that is all it needed to rank. Sadly, again in even lesser time, search engines found out about it.

Then came the links, you just needed to create a few to rank, and we thought that search engines were never going to be able to change this, and one more time, everything changed. Search engines adapted themselves to deal with our techniques, and again we are chasing ways of gaming rank on Google. It is like a cat-and-mouse chase, looks like this game will never end.

But the truth is that SEO ranking factors are changing fast from an algorithmic point a view to a user based point of view, with human output as ranking factors. In the past we had keyword targeting, quality and uniqueness, crawl friendliness, snippet optimization as powerful ranking factors

What you can expect from SEO in 2016

Now we can see user metrics like, relative CTR on SERPs, short vs. long click, content gap fulfillment, return rate etc. having more and more power and weight to rank websites.

In 2016 you can expect those user centered metrics to gain more power against the more algorithm focused optimization.

What does this mean for you?

Well, you should take to the letter this little piece of advice “create pages and content for people, not engines”. Your content and your pages should solve people’s problems, should answer their questions and should only focus to help them. If you can achieve those 3 points, I guarantee you that your website will rank higher in Google.

The Top SEO Tips and Strategies that Will Work on 2016


Do you have a responsive website which adapts to all screen sizes?

Your website needs to be responsive and work great on every kind of device and screen size. Mobile traffic is increasing constantly, so it is very important to have a website that works correctly on small screens. Also, with Mobilegeddon, mobile versions became a ranking factor.

Focus on User Experience

Make sure that your website is easy to use, and loads as fast as possible. Page speed is a ranking factor for some time now, but nowadays, with user experience ranking factors, it is gaining more weight and page speed is gaining too. So you must check it out to have a successful website on 2016.

Improve User Engagement

As we said before, user engagement and user metrics are being used as ranking factors, and these metrics will gain more power as time goes by. so you definitely need to look for ways to boost your user engagement, both on-site and off-site.

User engagement off-site is basically the CTR your website has on SERPs. In order to optimize it you should write compelling titles and meta description tags.
On-site user engagement circles around pageviews per visit, time on site and bounce rate. Writing great content will help you with this, but if you need an extra boost, Vuukle Plugin also helps you.

Provide Answers on SERPs

You probably already saw Google providing answers directly on their search engine results page right? That’s a trend that arrived to stay and you should make a use of it. To make your website have a rich snippet on SERPs, you need to better structure your content. 70% of it is to correctly use microdata markup languages as Schema.
But with only 70% you can’t make it there, so you should also better structure your content with <li> <h> <strong> <em> tags. This should give you the last 30% needed and if your content is great, your website will have rich snippets.

Voice Search

Voice Search, is your website ready for it?

The rise of voice search. If I needed to bet, I would put my money on voice search for 2016.
Voice and text search are different. While you are more direct when searching by text, when you use your voice you tend to make questions like, “what”, “who”, “when”, “how”, etc. Also, voice searches tend to use more keywords than text search.
To make your website ready for voice search, you need to optimize your keywords to match the keywords someone using voice would use to look for your kind of content. This means that keywords like “what can I do to rank better on google” and “how to get your dog to come when called” should be used. You can simply add them on a section of your content as a subtitle using a H2 or H3 tag.

This doesn’t intend to be an exhaustive list, it is just our piece of advice to the thousands of bloggers and website owners out there looking to succeed. So if you have something to add, or a totally new strategy, please share it with us in the comments section!

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