February 20, 2016

6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2016

6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2016

Since the beginning of time, people who controlled information were those who were more knowledgeable, and usually the most successful ones. To stay on top or to reach the top, you definitely need the right information at the right time, something that is becoming harder and harder these days when we are flooded with blog posts, social shares or just regular spam.

Thinking about this, we decided to curate a list of blogs that shares the best information on Digital Marketing. You should read these blogs and put them on your preferred RSS reader.

# Marketing Land

Marketing Land Blog Screenshot

Marketing Land is like a portal for all news related to Digital Marketing. They talk about SEO, SEM, social media, analytics, and much much more. The best thing about them is that they feature daily breaking news stories about the marketing industry. They also often share tips and how-to’s that you can use in your own campaigns.

Marketing Land is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and be informed about upcoming launches and digital marketing announcements.

# Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land Blog Screenshot

As the name suggests, SEL is more focused on search engine changes and algorithm updates. They always cover new meaningful happenings in the field of Search engines.

For insights on how search engines works and what you can do to rank better, SEL is the place to go.

# Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute Blog Screenshot

This is where you should surely go if you want to master Inbound Marketing. They publish a range of articles, from researches, industry benchmarks, budgets…to blogging best practices and more.

You can’t stay informed about the latest developments in the Inbound Marketing field if you don’t follow Content Marketing Institute.

# Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner Blog Screenshot

Social Media Examiner says that social media is a jungle, and they are a guide for it. This can’t be more true. SME organizes everything about social media, from best practices to creating viral content, to how to optimize your Facebook Ads campaign and much more. Despite having an old-fashioned look, at least for me, their content is good.

To dominate all Social Media techniques and strategies, simply read SME everyday!

# Moz Blog

The Moz Blog Screenshot

What you are you doing in the market if you don’t read the Moz Blog. This is by far the most comprehensive guide about the digital marketing world. And you are wrong if you think that they talk just about SEO.

Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Fridays are always a pleasure to watch and to learn from. Also, they constantly offer how-to’s and guides that can be followed by you to work on your website or brand goals.

# Google Blog

Google Blog Screenshot

This is not a regular digital marketing blog. Actually, this is like a press release source for Google. But since Google became a synonym of search, we can’t ignore them.

Head over to Google’s Blog to know their latest developments in the field.


# Vuukle Blog

Isn’t that obvious? Since you are reading this great reading list here, you should come back and check our updates more often! 🙂

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