May 16, 2017

Android is Most Lucrative Mobile Platform for Advertisers: Vuukle Report

android mobile advertising performance

In our last blog post, we analyzed different mobile carriers to find out which one of them have a better advertising reach in the Indian mobile users market. Reliance Jio was the undisputed winner with a reach nearly 4X of Airtel, a distant second. We then decided to take a look at mobile devices to find out who provides better results to advertisers and marketers.

According to Statista, year 2015 saw a total overall number of 4.43 billion mobile phone users. This number is expected to grow to 4.61 billion in 2016 and 4.77 billion in 2017.

A recent report published by Indian Express stated that Google’s Android captured 97% Indian smartphone market share in Q2 2016. In terms of smartphone units, India saw 29.8 million Android phones getting shipped in Q2 2016 while Apple iOS shipped 0.8 million smartphones in India in the same quarter.

Vuukle served 7.7 billion ad impressions across thousands of publishers worldwide in the year 2016. Mobile Internet has delivered around 30k clicks on advertisements across the Vuukle network at an average Click Through Rate of 0.14%. We decided to crunch some numbers based on our ad clicks to see if this data can be validated.

Android, not surprisingly is India’s favorite mobile platform and the most lucrative one for advertisers. However, what is shocking is to see is the disparity in the ad numbers between Android and iPhone.

Year 2016 - 84% of ads were placed on Android devices while a mere 11% ad requests came from iPhone. Click To Tweet

Ipad, however, won marginally with 3% while its competition, Android Tablet got 2% of ad requests

Looking at the no of clicks advertisers got from different platforms, Android bagged a whopping 88% click on advertisements in total. The remaining 12% were shared between Iphone, Ipad Android Tablet and blackberry.

“Android dominates the India smartphone market and looks unbeatable right now, due to its deep portfolio of hardware partners, extensive distribution channels, and a wide range of low-cost apps like Gmail’’. – Strategy Analytics

Android mobile devices CTR (0.29%) is around 2x of iPad (0.13%), iPhone (0.13%) and Android tablets (0.18%).

In the tortoise and the hare race, slowly and steadily, Android is making it to the top by capturing the highest market share than any other platform. Based on these numbers it seem like Apple has to work on their product prices to catch up with it’s fast growing competitor and that, does not sound easy.

Advertisers take note

Android devices are where you should bet your Marketing dollars on to see results in Mobile Advertising.

In India, Vuukle reaches around 200 million mobile internet users, which is nearly 80% of the mobile internet base in India. This report is based on the ad impressions Vuukle received in last 7 days in April 2017.

About Vuukle Audience Engagement

Vuukle in an Audience Engagement suite of widgets for digital publishers to increase their user engagement and monetization. Vuukle powers 3 of top 4 digital publishers in India and is growing fast in US and European markets. In 2016, Vuukle served 7.7 billion ad impressions across thousands of publishers worldwide. More than 80% of India’s mobile internet users use Vuukle audience engagement widgets every day.

Bavani Srinu

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