Ravi Mittal

Founder & CEO, Vuukle

How to embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript?

To embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript, log into the Vuukle dashboard and open the Integration drop-down present in the top menu. Then, proceed to click on the Setup Guide link In the Choose your platform section, select the JavaScript option. After that, from the Settings section choose the Language (The option for Transliteration of the text in the comment box) and […]

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How to add payment information in Vuukle?

To add payment information, go to home page of your Vuukle dashboard, and click on “Please, complete your billing info” link.  All data that  you add at this moment can be edited later under Settings –  Payment Details. When you are on Payment Details page, fill in required data and click Save. Add payment information – Screenshots Go […]

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How to upload and manage invoices?

To upload and manage invoices, go to home page of your Vuukle account, choose site, and click on Revenue in submenu. Choose Ivoices tab, add your files and click Upload. After that, you will see list of invoices. You can sort, delete or download each of them. Step by step instructions with screenshots – upload and […]

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Analytics: How to monitor stats about moderator activity?

You can monitor stats about moderator activity using Vuukle dashboard – Go to home page, click on site where you want to monitor moderator activity, and choose Analytics. Click on Analytics icon in the left menu, and choose Comments. Click on Moderators tab. You can sort data by date and status (approved, rejected, pending). Step […]

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Analytics: How to identify top articles, tags, authors or commenters?

In Vuukle, you can easily identify top articles, tags, authors or commenters. Go to Home page of your Vuukle dashboard, select site where you want to monitor data, and choose Analytics. Click on Analytics icon in the menu on the left, and Overview in submenu. Depending on which tab you choose, you will see some of […]

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How to use WordPress plugin options? 

If you are using WordPress for your website there are several options you can enable/disable or modify using Vuukle WordPress plugin. To access Vuukle Settings in WordPress click on Settings in a menu on the left, and then choose Vuukle from submenu. Vuukle WordPress plugin – options description API-KEY API generates automatically when you create account. If […]

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