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Understanding Audience Engagement and ways to measure it.

A survey by showed that majority of publishers don’t have a clear understanding of what audience engagement would mean for their websites. While the term ‘audience engagement’ remains a high priority for publishers, now more than ever; there also exists a certain level of ambiguity as to what Audience Engagement really is. Vuukle is an engagement platform […]

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User behavior analysis of We Got This Covered using Vuukle.

On 9th October, we shared that Vuukle has gone live on We Got This Covered. Vuukle gathered the stats of readers visiting this website, over period of 30 days to draw a few inferences and understand user behavior and preferences. We Got This Covered (WGTC) is a popular entertainment site. It garners close to 2 million visits per month. Prior […]

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How should you respond as engagement rate for Facebook posts continue to tumble?

The average engagement with Facebook posts created by brand pages and publishers has dropped 20% over 6 months since January 2017. This concern was highlighted by Buzzsumo after analyzing over 880 million post including paid promotion. If you are heavily invested in social media marketing using Facebook, this one is for you. By the time you finish reading this […]

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Yet another publisher rejects Facebook Comments. Vuukle goes Live on YourEDM!

The effectiveness of Vuukle engagement system gets highly endorsed as publishers across genres continue to embrace it. The latest high profile entry is a leading music segment publisher. Vuukle goes live on YourEDM, the most recognized publication in the sphere of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The interesting thing is the website has quit the Facebook Comments […]

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Vuukle can now identify Comment Spam while its being typed!

The Honeypot Project received 3,506,236 unique spam messages in just this week. The spamming industry makes gross worldwide revenues to the tune of $200 million per year. Even the conservative estimates state that spamming costs American firms and consumers almost $20 billion.Vuukle has since its inception taken the fight against Spam very seriously and has […]

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Vuukle goes Live on Hollywood movie review site JoBlo which features as the top 25 online entertainment sites by Entertainment Weekly, is now the latest addition to Vuukle’s list of clients. is known for its convivial tone, latest (to-the-minute) updates of recent movie trailers and exclusive clips. JoBlo gets its name from its founder Berge Garabedian (aka JoBlo) who started the website […]

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