August 30, 2017

Pioneering Below-the-fold advertising: Vuukle delivers increased revenue for publishers.

About 54% of the online ads go unseen. This has led to a lot of debate, discussion and disruption in the marketplace. One of the outcomes of this is that long held notion of top of the page ads perform better is now being challenged. Secondly, with the usage majorly shifting to mobile devices, and the fold concept losing its hold, it is to be understood that below-the-fold advertising if utilized well might actually perform better.

[Marketers] say, I want above-the-fold impressions. I know enough now that above-the-fold doesn’t mean viewable. There may be some ads that are below the fold that perform better.Jeff Burkett, Senior director of Ad innovations and Client services at Washington Post.

Apart from viewability many other factors are taken into consideration such as fill-rate, CPM, CTR which make a difference. Vuukle has managed to work and improve on each of these factors and is thus getting below-the-fold ads to perform much better than they normal do.

Understanding the concept of ‘Fold’:

The area of the web-page that is visible only after scrolling is called as Below the fold. The concept of the fold in webpages is borrowed from print news journalism, where we actually have a well defined fold.

With scrolling not being a habit in the initial days of web and viewability being a much requested aspect by marketers the privileged treatment of above the fold area got prevalent in online advertising.

Screen Resolution Statistics

An advertiser wants his ads to be seen a 100 per cent and thus top of the fold area became a premium estate for advertising. But with change in trends and style, the below-the-fold ads can perform in a much better way than before.

Pioneering Below-the-fold advertising:

Vuukle has a powerful engagement system used by over 1500 publishers. We have already reported on how it enhances the engagement. This very ability allows us to make below-the-fold advertising a lot more effective than it is.

Engagement along with its network of trustworthy advertisers allows Vuukle to deliver a very high fill-rate and high value CPM.

Above the fold is not always viewable while Below the Fold often is.

Thus, while a 100% fill-rate is considered impossible, but because Vuukle delivers ads at the bottom of the page which have ample time to load the fill-rate is considerably higher than average.

The Store Analogy Extended:

We previously saw the difference comments make using the Store Analogy. Today we see how much of a difference engagement makes to advertising and its impact below the fold.

Suppose you have a big Store with a large glass-front showcasing your wares to probable customers passing by. The Top of the fold advertising is comparable to a customer  who is window shopping. The customer might notice your  ware but would most probably lose interest and leave.

Similar is the case of a user who has just arrived on a webpage. It is highly likely that the user might leave within the first 10 secs.  Some estimates say 25% of viewers bounce away within 10 secs. Thus, the loading the top of the page with ads might get them impressions but do they make an impact is questionable.

Now in the second case consider a customer does stay around and gets in the store. They check out your wares, engage, interact and reach the end of the store. They might even check out a few offers or advertisements. It is this kind of customer which is highly valuable.

Similarly, studies suggest that if a viewer can wither the first 10 secs and stay for more than 30 secs on a webpage , they are much more likely to extend that stay to over a minute.

With Vuukle’s easy to use commenting space and and engagement system we have seen dramatic improvement in average user session time on publisher websites. Improved user session time makes the most optimized usage of below-the-fold advertising possible. Click To Tweet

Optimized and Improved Ad Performance:

We have seen how engaged user spends more time on the website. Second after reading and commenting the reader has ample time to interact with other articles along with advertisement. Thus, the ads placed in this region become a hotspot for such readers. It is rare that user would end up going to the top to engage with ads.

This allows Vuukle to generate a very high-dollar CPM. Vuukle ads easily deliver a rate of $3-$4 CPM. Thus,Vuukle optimizes these so called low-yielding ads into high-yielding ones.

Vuukle has seen superb performance on fill-rate. The high-value engagement of the reader also ends up delivering a very good CTR for these ads.


Thus, Vuukle manages to move away from the age-old assumption that below-the-fold ads are less productive. It has managed to take hold of the changing scenario to optimize and pioneer the performance of below-the-fold ads.

This as a result allows publishers to make greater dividends from their web-space and thus increase overall revenue.

Did you know: Above-The-Fold is not always viewable, while Below-The-Fold often is.

Santoshkumar Pandey

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