May 17, 2016

How to change default text on Vuukle comments platform?

Vuukle platform provides you with ability to change default text used to show your comments.

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Implementing Java Script code in your page
  2. Using WordPress plugin

Change default text using Java Script code

To implement JavaScrit code in your page you need to add the following variable just before the create_vuukle_platform() method:

var VUUKLE_CUSTOM_TEXT = '{ "rating_text": "Give a rating",   "comment_text_0": "Leave a comment",   "comment_text_1": "comment",   "comment_text_multi": "comments", "stories_title": "Talk of the town"}';

Below is the translation of the above JSON objects, using default text.

  1. rating_text: label shown in front of rating widget (5 stars review), default text is “Give a rating”
  2. comment_text_0: if there are no comments the default text is: “Leave a comment”
  3. comment_text_1: if there is only 1 comment the default text is: “comment”
  4. comment_text_multi: if there are more than one comments the default is: “comments”
  5. stories_title: the default title for our recommendation section is: “Talk of the town”

Change default text using WordPress plugin

  1. In main menu, choose Settings, then Vuukle in submenu
  2. Type new text under these labels:
    • Star Rating Label – label shown in front of rating widget (5 stars review), default text is “Give a rating”
    • Zero Comments Label – label that is shown when nobody commented yet, default text is “Leave a comment”
    • Single Comment Label – label shown when only one comment is posted, default text is “comment”
    • Multi Comment Label – label shown when there are more than one comments posted, default text is “comments”
    • Talk of Town Label – label for our recommendation section, default text is “Talk of the Town”

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