April 24, 2017

How to Increase Engagement in your Comment Section? Learn from Top Digital Publishers

Digital Publishers Comment Section User Engagement

Not surprisingly, for every digital publisher, audience engagement is the primary goal. Less to no engagement means people are not really giving your content their undivided attention. This leads to lower user session time and declining ad revenues. Few publishers still mistakenly believe that just getting good content on the web will win them those advertising dollars. In fact, that is only scratching the surface. Getting your audience to engage is a mystery best left to the Kardashians. Or is it?

If you build it. They don’t come anymore

In the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner hears a voice while walking through a corn field. The voice says “If you build it, he will come”. He builds a baseball field and Shoeless Joe Jackson, an American star outfielder, a famous baseball player from the early 1900’s turns up and asks to play catch. Fairy tales work just fine in Hollywood. In real life, you have to build the stadium, throw the ball, hit a home run and applaud. All by yourself. And then things may happen.

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The right emoji at the right place elicits the right engagement from your audience in real-timeJonathan Long, Founder, Market Domination Media

Knowing well that emoticons are not just a fad but a durable online trend now, Vuukle pioneered the use of Emojis in one of their audience engagement widgets.

To say further, Vuukle Audience Engagement has helped leading publishers like NBC-2, Firstpost, Mathrubhumi, India Today, News 18, Bollywoodlife and more have their comments section overflow!

After analysing few publishers who are using Vuukle, here are few key takeouts on what they have been doing right to get their audience to engage with them.


NBC-2 Vuukle Comment Section Overflow

Posted 13 hours ago, this story has received 11 comments and 54 reactions. The reason for a higher reaction than comments could be because of the placement of the emoticon icon right at the end of the story whereas the comment box appears further down below an ad.

India Today

India Today Vuukle Comment Section Overflow

Check out how India Today has structured its story page. This story was posted 16 hours ago and it has fetched 58 comments. 79% of them said they are angry with this story. How did India Today get this kind of engagement? Here’s why.

When a user clicks on the story, minus the live cricket score on top of the screen, there are no distractions. The carefully chosen colors for the cricket score tab, lets readers focus on the big bold title of the story – the reason for them to be there in the first place.

According to the research from Hubspot, an average user is exposed to an average of 32.3 videos in a month in 2017 and this story has a video at the end of it.. The ‘’you may also like’’ story options at the bottom of the story keeps your visitor on your website longer.

Vikatan Vuukle Comment Section Overflow

Posted 22 hours ago, this story has 24 comments. 94% of the readers were happy reading this story. Let’s see what have they done right.

The social media icons just below the title show the engagement level of the story. People have a herd mentality. If they notice that a page has received more likes, they tend to read it and like it too. By showing the engagement level right on top, Vikatan has made a positive impact in the reader’s mind. The use of the comment box is strategically located – right after the story.

Bollywood Life

Bollywood Life Vuukle Comment Section Overflow

Posted 17 hours ago, there are 36 comments for this story. 842 people have shared it on different social media platforms and 48% of them expressed anger. The reason for high engagement could be the big emoticons, subtly promoting the users to express their emotion along with the chat box integration in the bottom. It could also be because of the nature of the story! Controversial stories fetch higher engagement.

There are some great tips to learn from these five leading publishers. In order to get your audience to comment on your story, here are few other things you can try and incorporate into your website.

  1. Get your visitors to subscribe, email regularly
  2. Write a controversial story, ask for opinions
  3. Finally, make commenting easy!

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On Vuukle Audience Engagement, users can write their comment, put in their email address and publish it instantly. No forced registrations! And don’t forget to respond to comments when you receive them.

Have I missed out anything? Tell me in comments 😉

Bavani Srinu

Bavani Srinu is the founder of two start-ups, Ichiqoo and Swapp. She is also a free-spirited writer, a marketing professional, a mother and an avid travel enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @bavanisrinu