December 15, 2016

Difference Between Impressions and Pageviews on Adsense

Difference between impressions and pegeviews on Google Adsense

Every once in awhile we receive the same question: Why don’t impressions and pageviews on Adsense and Google Analytics match? We will try to answer this question today once and for all.


We see a lot of people complaining that they have many more pageviews on Google Analytics than on Google Adsense, complaining that they should be making much more money and maybe Google is not being so nice to them. Well, let’s see what’s really happening under the hood.

There are several reason why Google Adsense maybe have less impressions than pageviews on Google Analytics.


Reasons for the difference between Adsense Impressions and Google Analytics Pageviews

  • GA Pageviews includes all spiders and crawlers that are 24X7 indexing your content and your website
  • Mobile devices sometimes don’t request all elements on a website
  • Users might have turned off Javascript
  • Users might have an adblock installed
  • Google can’t always fulfill an ad block space (inventory problem)
  • Javascript loading issues
  • Iframes
  • 3rd party images disabled


There are a lot of bots around there, crawling and indexing website pages 24X7. Those hits which generates pageviews on your Google Analytics report, but are not served ads , means that you will have a new pageview on Analytics but will not have a new impression on Adsense every time a bot visits your website.


Mobile browsers keep getting more and more complex and full featured, but still, some browsers don’t request all elements on a website. This means that sometimes the adsense element will not be requested.


Turning off JavaScript greatly increases the security and reduces energy and data consumption. There are also some browser extensions that let you turn on and off JavaScript easily. Whenever a user visits your website with JavaScript turned off, you will not see an impression on Adsense. That’s sad, I know, but not much you can do.


If you thought that the last item was sad, meet the dark side of this list. Along with ghostery and noscript, ad blockers were actually called the trifecta of evil by James Bruce on MakeUseOf.
There is not much else to say about them, so I’ll leave you with 2 articles, they are evil and they are killing the internet.


Some people think that Google is almighty, well, it’s indeed incredibly powerful, but sometimes, just sometimes, they don’t have a single advertiser to fulfil that ad space on your website.
This can happen because of several reasons like no budget left for the day, geo locations being blocked, or even not much interest on the topic you are talking about.


Google Analytics and Adsense are loaded by 2 different JavaScript codes placed on 2 different regions of your website code. This means that sometimes on slow networks or old machines, one JavaScript is loaded but the other may not be.


Adsense uses iframes to display their ad blocks, if the user is blocking content on iframes, they will not see your ads, thus will not count towards impressions.


And finally, again for security issues, some users may disable the load of external images, that means images that are not hosted on the domains they are visiting.


That’s it guys, the most common reasons why Analytics and Adsense are showing mismatched numbers. No, it’s not Google giving us a bad time, actually they make more whenever we make money, so they are always willing to show the most possible amount of ads.

Sadly, there’s not much we can do to close the gap between impressions and pageviews.

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