June 11, 2016

How to embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript?

To embed Vuukle platform using JavaScript, log into the Vuukle dashboard and open the Integration drop-down present in the top menu. Then, proceed to click on the Setup Guide link

JavaScript 01

In the Choose your platform section, select the JavaScript option. After that, from the Settings section choose the Language (The option for Transliteration of the text in the comment box) and Color Scheme as per your requirements

JavaScript 02

After configuring the settings, scroll down and copy the generated code by clicking the Copy button

JavaScript 03

Place the code in your website’s HTML where you would like the comment system to appear. The shortcodes for displaying the various Vuukle plugins are as follows –

<div id='vuukle_div'></div> – Displays the main Vuukle comment system

<div id='vuukle-emote'></div> – Displays the Emotes widget for the page

<div class='vuukle-powerbar'></div> – Displays the social media share buttons. Can be included mulitple times in a page.

<div id='vuukle-subscribe'></div> – Displays the newsletter subscription option

Placeholder Values

When integrating with your website, make sure to replace the placeholder values in the copied code with your website specific variables which generate values according to the article. The placeholder values that need to be replaced are –

UNIQUE_ARTICLE_ID – Replace with a variable which generates the unique ID used to identify an article on your website

SECTION_TAGS – Replace with a variable which generates the tags present in a particular article in the format — tag1, tag2, tag3

ARTICLE_TITLE – Replace with a variable which generates the title of a particular article on your website

GA_CODE – Replace with your Google Analytics Tracking ID

ARTICLE_AUTHORS – Replace with variables which generate author information for a patricular article on your website

Note: If your website/platform doesn’t have any native variables for these placeholder values, then you can also utilize JavaScript selectors.

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