April 19, 2017

Facebook Comments Plugin vs Vuukle Audience Engagement: Know your Foe and your Friend

Facebook Comments Plugin Vs Vuukle

If you have been reading the Vuukle blog lately (or even skimming through it), you would have figured how to tell your friends and foes apart. No? Then please head over to lessons from The Life of Pi and Sun Tzu. Read them up. I will wait for you to return.

So, now that you are wiser, what is the difference between a friend and a foe? And can you tell which is which? Unfortunately, human mind is not the most rational machine known to us. More than a billion people in the world are addicted to nicotine. Nearly as many are addicted to “likes” on their selfies. They should know better.

As a digital publisher you envy Facebook’s success. You would kill to get their audience. So, when Facebook released their comments plugin, you installed it in the hope of wetting your beak in the blue glass. And then, all your commenters went away.

Facebook drove all our commenters awayTechcrunch

Moreover, FB comments plugin is a Trojan Horse. It steals away your website visitors by luring them with shiny profile pics of commenters. You will be mortified if you indirectly estimate the amount of traffic that FB is sucking away via its comment plugin.

The Greeks have left us this horse, a gift in good faith. Let’s take it inKing Priam of Troy

Vuukle, on the other hand, is a pure software provider. We don’t have a social network that was built by stealing others’ IP. We don’t want to steal away your traffic either. We want your visitors to stay on your website. For as long as they want to. And, if possible, a little longer!

Facebook comments plugin vs Vuukle

Comparison of two most important metrics for a digital publisher: Vuukle had 60% less Bounce Rate and 550% more Average Session Duration

With Vuukle, publishers can do things that can’t be done with Facebook comments plugin. Using Vuukle comment box will allow you to monetize your site because the tool reduces bounce rates and exponentially increases internal referral traffic. When was the last time Facebook shared revenue with you? Or gave you traffic that didn’t immediately bounce back?

How does Vuukle Increase User Engagement?

Vuukle allows authentication from multiple social networks. People who use Google, Facebook and Twitter can drop comments and follow your post. On the other hand, on FB comments plugin, Google and Twitter users cannot give their opinions, as they are just limited to Facebook. They will always have to log into Facebook to even post a simple comment. This has been the biggest deterrent to commenters on FB Comments plugin because people don’t want to use their FB identity everywhere.

Apart from that, if you want to make extra money from your traffic or simply track visits to your site in real time, Vuukle has that covered. Facebook hasn’t incorporated any of the above options so publishers will never have visitor stats at hand. Vuukle provides deep real-time analytics and author stats that help you discover hidden trends and act upon them.

Facebook Comments Plugin vs Vuukle: Story Rating

Facebook comments plugin doesn’t have a place for rating stories. It is enough to use emoticons or emojis to let the publisher know the post has been bad or good. Sometimes, rating system is necessary and shows people’s emotions better than simple faces. Vuukle counts on these two elements. Visitors can express their emotions but also rate stories.

Facebook Comments Vs Vuukle: Ease of Installation

Both Facebook comments plugin and Vuukle Audience engagement are easily installed by copying a line of JavaScript or using a plugin for your CMS. However, Vuukle is a complete suite of widgets for commenting, social sharing and recommendation engine. To be able to replicate the same, you will need 2 more widgets to go with Facebook comments which in not practical.

Facebook Comments Plugin vs Vuukle: Typography Customization

Yeah, we know that Zuckerberg is red blind but your website audience is not. Why should you let a bunch of automation nerds dictate how the widgets in your website will look like? You want all the widgets on your page in harmony with the color and UI theme of your website, not stand out like 50 shades of blue eye sores.

I cannot see red. So I will give you all fifty shades of blueMark Zuckerberg

Does typography really matter? You spent countless hours with your designers to finally narrow down on the beautiful fonts you love so much. Again, Facebook is just limited to one font type whereas Vuukle is ahead of the game by providing users with different types of font typography.

I fired my best programmer cause he didn’t care about beautiful typographySteve Jobs

Facebook Comments Plugin vs Vuukle: Final Conclusions

Facebook comments plugin maybe a good choice for a small website or blogger. Because they have more to gain than loose from FB in terms of traffic. Such small players will see an increase in traffic because most of their little traffic comes from their immediate social circle. It helps that FB syncs comments back and forth between their website and FB page.

However, if you are a serious digital publisher or news portal, FB comments plugin can be disastrous. It leaves way too many holes for traffic to leave your website and get sucked into the addictive social network.