December 9, 2016

Google Analytics Annotations – How To

Google Analytics Annotations How To

Hello Folks, Vuukle quick tip for today is Google Analytics Annotations. Have you ever used it? Don’t even know what GA Annotations are? This post is for your!


Google Annotation is like a sticky note or a post it on your Analytics dashboard that you create to remember or let other users know what exactly happened on a specific day of a spike or a flatline on your reports.


They are dead simple and yet, incredibly useful. Google Analytics Annotations are just a note on your Analytics timeline to remind you or inform other people about a significant event that occurred on a date. Yes, it’s just this.

Let’s say that you managed to have an influencer with 1M+ followers talking about your company or product and you got thousands of visits in a span of few days. You go to Google Analytics and annotate that, so in the future you or your coworkers know exactly what happened to cause that spike on traffic.

Or maybe you changed your share button color from blue to green and your conversion of that button increased by 10% by the night. You annotate that on Google Analytics so the next time you are checking it or planning to implement a new template for your website you know that green share buttons work better than blue ones.

There are literally thousands of reasons why you may want to create an annotation on Google Analytics.


Just go to any report and click on the down arrow below the main graph, from there you just click on Create New Annotation. Select a date of the event and write a small note about it. You can even choose if you want to make it public or keep it private.


Analytics Annotations - How To - Step 1


Analytics Annotations - How To - Step 2


Analytics Annotations - How To - Step 3

Annotations are marked by a tiny bubble at the bottom of the graphs. To see the details just click on the down arrow again for a list of annotations, or click on the specific bubble you want to know more about.

Google Analytics Annotation Saved


Easy and simple, as everything should be, Google Analytics Annotations can save you a lot of time in the future when you need to discover or remember what caused a spike or flatline on your reports. Use them and be happy!

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