January 13, 2016

Monetize your Blog with Vuukle

Don’t you think that you should make more money with your blog? Have you ever thought that you probably don’t make as much money from one of the most used places on your website?

In this post you will learn:

  • How to make more money with your blog
  • How Vuukle Monetization System Works
  • Best blog monetization methods

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How to make more money with your blog

If you are here, I suppose you are already making some money with your blog or website and now you are just looking for ways to improve it. If that’s the case, there are a few things you need to check to make sure you are extracting everything you can from your blog posts.

 – If you are not yet making money with your blog, you should read this blog post.

What do you need to do to make more money with your website

Here is a checklist:

  • Use Google Adsense

Despite negative opinions, Adsense still is the best choice for blog and website monetization. It is easy, the ads are always relevant to your visitors, and it’s trustworthy. When you sign up you can be sure that you will be paid.

  • Write great content

The total amount of money a blog makes is directly linked to the amount of traffic it generates. Your website could have a high CPM but if it has low traffic, the total generated value will be low. There is nothing better to generate traffic and user engagement than with high quality content. We can give a hand with user engagement, but that’s reserved for another post.

  • Improve your website speed and user experience

Major search engines have been using for some time now user experience and page speed as ranking factors, so if you’re thinking about driving more traffic to your blog, these 2 things should be on your priority list. Two good places to start are Google Page Speed and a well know CDN (Content Delivery Network). I recommend CloudFlare, but that’s a personal choice.

  • Make sure your ads blend in with the surrounding content

Don’t insert white background ads on a black background website, this just doesn’t work. Make sure all your ads looks as close as possible to your real content, that way they will have a higher CTR (click-through rate) which will increase CPC (cost per click) and ultimately make your blog generate more money.

  • Make sure all sections of your website are monetized

It’s easy to just set a few ad blocks on your website sidebar or between posts. But since blogs are all about conversation, one of the best spots to have an ad block is inside the comments section. That’s where visitors really engage with your blog and that’s where they are more willing to click on links and ads.

How Vuukle Monetization System works?

Vuukle plugin will make you increase your website revenue instantly

If you read our first blog post, you already know the great features our system offers. Among other things Vuukle developed an innovative and highly engaging way to monetize blogs and websites.

Think about it, where is the place on your website that users mostly engage? Actually, what’s the place where they are looking to engage? Yes, blog is about conversation and the comments section of your blog is the most valuable section.

When you install our comments plugin, we create new ways to increase user engagement with you blog or website, we generate more internal referral traffic, we increase time on site, page views per visit and reduce bounce rate.

Also, inside Vuukle comments section you just installed, there’s a highly blended and optimized ad block. This means that immediately after you install Vuukle plugin, you will start making more money with your blog.1

More than 90% of websites and blogs do not monetize comments section or do not do it correctly.

Best Blog Monetization Method

Best Blog Monetization Technique

Vuukle Monetization System is definitely a big help for any blogger out there. Ad blocks are effective and provide an easy way to make money, especially if you know the best place and how to configure them.

But if you want the method that generates the highest CPM, you should look for sponsored blog posts.

Bloggers sometimes struggle to sell sponsored blog posts on their blogs and again, the best tip we can offer is write great content.

With great content you achieve great things. First, you rank for keywords on your segment, then people start seeing you as an expert on your niche, you attract attention, and consequently, you attract business that want to advertise on your blog or website in the most engaging way possible.

So we are almost back to our initial checklist, “how to make more money with your blog”:

  • Create great content
  • Make your blog load fast
  • Optimize your blog to have the highest possible user engagement metrics – Remember, you can use Vuukle plugin for this too. Our software creates a great amount on internal referral traffic, lowering bounce rate, and increasing time on site and page views.

Well that’s it for today. Just remember to sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in receiving more great tips for your blog.

Do you have more tips to better monetize a blog? Please share them with us!

1Vuukle is a free service in essence. We split revenue from comments sections 50/50 with publishers. Also, in order to be able to receive payments from the monetization of comments sections, sites should be approved first.

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