May 18, 2017

For NBC2, Vuukle delivers more than 50% increase in Average Session Duration

nbc-2 vuukle increase user session duration

Vuukle has just churned its number machine and come out with data for one of its clients- The NBC2 News Network. The numbers show tremendous improvement in average session time. Vuukle employed its proprietary technology to recommend the most relevant stories to the website visitors. This widget, called “Talk of the Town”, plus various other user engagement widgets ensured that the NBC2 drastically increased its user session time.

NBC2, based in Fort Meyers is the number one news and weather site in Southwest Florida. Bringing in the news even at the toughest hours. Bringing the latest updates and weather forecasts 24×7 even during hurricane strikes. It is one of the most reputed and trusted broadcasters in the region.

NBC2 (previously known as WBBH-TV), have a long history but their digital venture is fairly new. Vuukle has been present on their website boosting engagement for quite sometime now. We have got some numbers, to show exactly what difference it has made.

NBC2 Referral Traffic and Session Time

Vuukle audience engagement system consists of widgets designed to keep visitors hooked to your stories. Many of Vuukle’s clients report massive gains in page views and comments on the site.

Vuukle found that avg. session duration for NBC2 is 54% higher than average referral traffic. Click To TweetThis is excluding referrals from Facebook and Google.

54% Growth in Avg Referral Traffic by using Vuukle

While, Vuukle represents 9.09% of referral traffic but contributes more than 14% to overall avg. session duration.
This is because of its elevated avg. session time.

Vuukle’s engagement oriented approach contributes greatly in increasing the avg. session time. By suggesting hot topics, encouraging commenting and discussion, all of its easily usable widgets increase session time. They also rapidly reduce the overall bounce rate of the website.

Despite 9.09% Referral Traffic of its own, Vuukle drives over 14% of overall average session time.


Thus, One can clearly see vastly improved results in the short period NBC2 has partnered with Vuukle. Click To Tweet Driving engagement, improved number of comments, quality engaged users, referral traffic, improved session duration- all delivered by Vuukle.

With the passage of time the numbers are only bound to improve and deliver even better monetization and revenue for the site. Vuukle’s approach of delivering increased value to the publisher clearly seems to be working.