February 15, 2017

Open Source Vuukle Android SDK Public Release for Native Apps: How to Install Video

Vuukle Android SDK

Today, we are happy to announce the public release of Vuukle Android SDK on GitHub. If you want to use Vuukle in your native Android app, here are step by step installation instructions.

Vuukle has powered iOS and Android apps of The Hindu since 2015 which have seen more than 20 million monthly page views and 1.2 million interactions. Vuukle Android SDK also powers user engagement at Indian Express, Business Line and ABP News.

Our Lead Android Developer Alexander Basaraba, has put together a quick video guide to use Vuukle Android SDK

Vuukle committed to Open Source

It is released under the Apache License. Developers are invited to fork, submit a patch or a bug report (Happy coding!). This public release continues to demonstrate our commitment to foster an open source community of developers around the Vuukle platform. And while you are on GitHub, do checkout other open source projects at Vuukle that our developers regularly contribute to.

Vuukle has been always available as a free open source plugin for WordPress and Blogger. Besides, you can easily install Vuukle on any website by adding a line of JavaScript.

Vuukle Android SDK for Native Apps and Vuukle Web for Mobile Web

Vuukle is equally committed to mobile web and native apps. Because we appreciate that both have different use cases (unlike some pundits who are betting one or the other!). We have powered more than 50 million page views the mobile web and 20 million page views on native apps.