How can I moderate comments on Vuukle?

To moderate comments on Vuukle, you should first turn on moderation of comments in Vuukle admin dashboard. After that, on main page select site that you want to moderate comments for, and select Moderation from menu. Using options, filters and views on the left you can manipulate with various view options of your comments.  When your […]

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How to enable Vuukle Emote on my page/post?

You can enable Vuukle Emote in two ways: On the page where you want to show Emote, embed following div: <div id=”vuukle-emote”></div> Use WordPress plugin to enable Emote on posts Click on Settings, and then on Vuukle in submenu Under  option Show Emote at the end of each post, select On Screenshot – enable Vuukle Emote in WordPress  

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