September 9, 2017

Popular Entertainment Site Dumps Facebook Comments; Adopts Vuukle.

We Got This Covered dumps Facebook Comments system on its site to adopt Vuukle. While we have for long stated the obvious advantages in using Vuukle, this move sends clear signal as to how disappointed publishers are with the Facebook Comments. Nonetheless Vuukle is now live on We Got this Covered.

We Got this Covered is a very popular entertainment site which specializes in covering films, television, comics and gaming. They have news with latest updates, movie reviews, exclusive celeb interviews, thoughtful articles and in-depth features and has a huge following. The site boasts of an average of 2 million visits per month.

Dumps Facebook Comments; Adopts Vuukle

Well, we have had detailed posts on why Facebook Comments can be such a bad choice. Right from slowing your pages down and to swooping away your hard-earned audience, Facebook Comments Plugin has a huge set of issues. We even saw a detailed Facebook Comments Plugin vs Vuukle Audience Engagement.

So it comes as a no surprise that WGTC dumped Facebook Comments and replaced it with a system that actually delivers on audience engagement and publisher pain-points. And this is how Vuukle went Live on WE Got This Covered aka WGTC.

Vuukle Goes Live on WE GOT THIS COVERED:

Visiting the website one can easily see the various Vuukle widgets in use. Easily accessible and already adopted by the audience these play a critical role on the website.

Each of these functionalities emerged as a result of trying to solve common publishers pain-points,and make it easier and more profitable use of their websites.

The Vuukle Share Bar:

Apart from allowing for instant social shares it allows readers to have look at the popularity of the article, express their reaction all within a single click.

Vuukle Share Bar is most accessibly placed and has multifold functionalities. Click To Tweet
WGTC dumps Facebook Comments

Vuukle Share Bar in Action on WGTC

Even with all these features the Vuukle Share Bar is the extremely fast.

Vuukle Comments Section:

WGTC has a very prolific audience. They sure seem to love to interact. With all the engagement options around they must be having a field day. Vuukle Comments is extremely smooth and hassle-free.

Unlike Facebook Comments, it doesn’t shun away commenters as its login process is pretty easy and keeps the anonymity intact for general purposes.
WGTC dumps Facebook comments

Vuukle Comments in action on WGTC

The Vuukle comments also boast of multiple anti-spam features. It also takes its fight against trolls seriously and has an AI system which flags a hate comment even when its being typed.

Vuukle Reaction Bar:

It is easy to use and a very useful way to allow readers to express themselves in a non-verbal way. It also allows for expressing sentiment which is just so crucial nowadays.

Vuukle Reaction Bar on WGTC now allows its readers to expressing sentiment.

Vuukle Talk of the Town:

Talk of the town guides your readers to the next popular post. This widget has been very useful in recirculating traffic. In some cases it recirculated 12% of the traffic.

Vuukle Talk of the Town showing popular posts and improving user session time.


Thus, we can see Vuukle allows for many features which help improve the engagement and build a community. The system all the while also improves average user session time and increases revenue for publishers.

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