April 28, 2016

How to Positively Identify Your Target Audience?

Target Audience

Regardless of what kind of products your company sells or what kind of services it offers, you must understand your customers and their needs. The same goes for news websites too; target audience identification is one of the most important steps toward success. You must give your audience a reason to visit your website and spend their valuable time there. Let’s see, based on which factors you can identify your target audience.


Demographic is one of the most important factors as it deals with variables like gender, age group, income, marital status and geographical location of your target audience. Based on your niche and the nature of your business, it could be extremely easy or it could be challenging. A fashion news website might have different audience than a political news website, despite the fact both websites belong to the same niche.

Potential Customers

It all comes down to the revenue, conversion rate and sales, so we can call visitors “customers”. You must define your ideal customer based on their problems and your solutions. You can identify potential customers based on their psychology, hobbies, values, lifestyle and interests.

Focus on Smaller Proportion

“Focusing on smaller proportion” is not a tip or step but instead it is a mindset where publisher focuses on a specific group of people and fulfils their needs rather than trying to grab everyone’s attention. The whole concept of “target audience” is to target certain people who are interested in your offerings. Never think that your services are for “everyone”.

target audience

Reader Profiling

Reader profiling refers to monitoring what kind of news stories and posts your readers like the most. There are many ways to get that feedback; you can use tools like Vuukle PowerBar to get their instant feedback via star based rating system, emoji icons and can see how many people have shared that story.

Avoid Generalization

Generalization is an obsolete concept that takes all parties away from the win-win situation. If you serve a large audience with different background and other traits mentioned above, then you must understand the diversity and deal with that by creating equilibrium. The formula is quite simple; if it is too specific, you’d be serving a very narrow audience. If it is too generic, you’d lose everyone eventually.


Loyalty doesn’t come easy and as a publisher you should reward your most loyal readers. A simple free subscription to something might suffice yet the point is to keep your loyal readers at top of your target audience list.

Market research

Market Research

Although demographics and potential customers are part of the market research but in a broader sense market research includes many other things like competitors, market shift and results of implemented strategies. Differentiating your business from your competitors is a good start.

Learn and Adopt

We all make mistakes; if you have mistakenly identified your target audience which is not interested in your contents at all then it is time to learn from the mistakes, adopt and evolve. Even if your strategies work great, it is still an evolutionary process where your activeness is necessary.

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