April 27, 2016

PowerBar: The Fastest Share Bar Widget in the world!


Are you looking for a Share Bar that loads really fast and can also show individual share counts without slowing down your page?

According to Zurb, share bar of Google, Facebook and Twitter consumes 246Kb of bandwidth and 19 different HTTPS requests.

Vuukle has finally released its new plug-in named “Vuukle PowerBar” that could be integrated with Vuukle Comments Plug-in. Let’s see why you should adopt Vuukle PowerBar, how it can help you increase your conversion rate, overall revenue and how Vuukle PowerBar can help you reduce bounce rate.

Why Vuukle PowerBar? – Fastest Share Bar in the world!

To summarize everything in fewer words, Vuukle PowerBar is:

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to integrate
  • More revenue for publishers

The Vuukle PowerBar is specifically designed to allow publishers get more numbers of shares by allowing readers to share the story/post in easier and straightforward way. Publisher and readers both can get an insight of popular stories trending on platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others. The beautifully designed share count feature shown above the social icons works as a psychological trigger for readers.

Vuukle PowerBar at the bottom of Title of a post


Integrated with Vuukle full suite, the Vuukle PowerBar can show star based rating as well as the emoji icon so reader can give instant feedback.

One of the main reasons Vuukle PowerBar has been getting popularity since the day one is its light weightiness. Most of the other similar products take few seconds to load while Vuukle PowerBar loads in matters of milliseconds. This particular trait has two major disadvantages; from visitor point of view, the website is wasting time and according to KissMetrics, almost 50% of the visitors expect the websites to load in less than 2 seconds.

Expanded Share Icons


This goal is impossible to achieve without using lightweight sliders and plug-ins. The unresponsive behavior of websites leads to higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate, not to mention it repels users from visiting that website ever again.

From SEO point of view, Google prefers websites that load fast. Website performance has become an essential factor in determining the “worthiness” of websites by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Expanded Star Rating

Vuukle PowerBar Star Rating


According to Zurb, share bar of Google, Facebook and Twitter consumes 246Kb of bandwidth and 19 different HTTPS requests. Each of these requests requires two-way handshake for security that means more time to load the share bar.

On the other hand, Vuukle PowerBar only uses 32.1Kb of bandwidth and gives webmasters and publishers freedom to use this plug-in without worrying about their websites being slowing down.

Vuukle PowerBar at the top of a post

Vuukle PowerBar


Mainly Vuukle PowerBar serves three purposes; sharing via popular social networks, star based rating and emoji based feedback. Readers can click on the sharing icon of their preferred website like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share that story with friends instantly. The email icon can open default email program on the system so readers can share the post via email.

The star icon is used to provide star based rating and it shows average of previous feedbacks too. Users can click on the star icon and provide their feedback with 1-5 stars. However, the emoji based feedback is more fun and detailed.

Expanded Emoji

Vuukle PowerBar

Though it shows 5 point rating system like stars but instead of showing the average, it shows the percentage of each feedback point; for example, 58% Happy, 17% Amused, 8% Angry etc.

Ad Based Revenue for Publisher

Unlike many other similar products and sharing plug-ins which have questionable business model where they sell users’ information to advertisers, Vuukle PowerBar uses optional ad based revenue model that webmaster can activate only if they want. Vuukle shares ad revenue with publishers. It is a win-win situation for all parties.

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