May 2, 2017

Reliance Jio Vs Airtel: The Great Mobile Internet Showdown

Reliance Jio Vs Airtel Vuukle Ad Network

India is the fastest growing mobile internet market in the world. This $1.5 trillion wireless market is now facing a major disruption, thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s ambitious Reliance Jio. We analyzed ad impressions and clicks over 200 million users on the Vuukle ad network in the last week of April, 2017. The conclusion is a clear victory for Reliance Jio which served more than 4x the ad volume of Airtel at a higher click through rate (CTR).

In a report last month, Reliance Jio announced that they touched a milestone of 100 million subscribers by February 2017. This was achieved in the first 170 days of the service provider’s announcement of its free wireless service. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, Mathew Oommen, President of Network, Global Strategy and Service Development of Reliance Jio stated that their target is to achieve 400 million subscribers ASAP.

While competitors seriously doubt, Jio’s executives staunchly stand by predictions of their growth rate and profitability. The sort of validations that would put the above opposing views is particularly difficult considering that this is one company that does not reveal its separate financial results.

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We have crunched through more than 100 million ad impressions on Vuukle ad network last week. Reliance Jio served around 20 million ad impressions with close to the highest CTR. Given that Vuukle reaches around 200 million internet users in India (80% coverage), this clearly shows the dominance of Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani took a great gamble in offering Reliance Jio 4G services for free for a limited period. He has achieved the growth that he wanted but profitability is a distant goal. It is clear that he is looking at long term strategy around milking data. Reliance Jio is not just a dumb telecom pipe but has a range of apps and an app ecosystem. The official apps from Jio range cover mobile payment, security, messaging, video chat, games and entertainment. Can Ambani transform the traditionally product agnostic game of telecom carriers into a data and product centric enterprise?

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Realiance Jio Vs Airtel

Vuukle Ad Network reached around 100 million mobile internet users in India in the last week of April, 2017

Idea Cellular served 2.5% ad impressions. However, what is interesting to note here is their CTR. Idea has outdone all others carriers in CTR with 0.40% with Reliance Jio following a close one at 0.36% and Airtel at 0.27%


As of now, Reliance Jio is the most popular network in India right now, thanks to its free internet 4G Plan. Jio has shaken up the mobile industry and it’s competitors who are scrambling to launch new tariff plans every day in an attempt to retain their subscribers.

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Vuukle ad network reaches around 200 million mobile internet users, which is nearly 80% of the mobile internet base in India. Vuukle also serves audience engagement and ad impressions to 1 in every 2 of Indian mobile internet users.

About Vuukle Audience Engagement

Vuukle in an Audience Engagement suite of widgets for digital publishers to increase their user engagement and monetization. Vuukle powers 3 of top 4 digital publishers in India and is growing fast in US and European markets. In 2016, Vuukle served 7.7 billion ad impressions across thousands of publishers worldwide. More than 80% of India’s mobile internet users use Vuukle audience engagement widgets every day.

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