February 1, 2016

Sentiment Analysis Tool

Vuukle Sentiment Analysis Tool

Hello guys! We are here again to talk about a new feature Vuukle recently implemented! Our brand new Sentiment Analysis Widget.

Sentiment Analysis

Vuukle Sentiment Analysis Engine - Discover how your visitors feel about your content

Every once a while writers wonder what their readers’ thoughts are on the posts written by them. Yes, we provide analytical features to help writers better understand their readers, but this is not always enough.

With that in mind, we thought of a system where even when the visitor doesn’t comment, with just a click, a single input, he would be able to express what and how he felt about that particular post.

We wanted a clean, streamlined, fast loading and inviting system, and that’s exactly what we achieved.

Here it is!

Why is Sentiment Monitoring Important for you?

It is not just about a sentiment score, it is about user engagement. When a user clicks or does something on your website, he becomes 2.5 times inclined in visiting your site again or taking another action, like commenting or share your content on social networks. If you have more visitors coming back, you have more traffic and you increase your website revenue. This is huge!

In a similar way, when the next visitor sees that someone already interacted with that content and expressed his feeling about that piece of content, he will be inclined to give his opinion too, creating a kind of chain effect.

And finally, wouldn’t it be nice to know what your readers think of your content, about the topics you write on? You can cross check sentiment score with other analytics and statistics we provide and develop an even better content calendar and topics.

How Vuukle stacks against other sentiment analysis engines

Discover how your users are feeling about your posts with Vuukle opinion mining tool.

Most sentiment analysis softwares are using machine learning to analyse text and identify visitor/customer opinion. Despite the fact that it is automated, there is a huge downside with this system. If the visitor doesn’t write something or comment on an article, there is nothing for the system to read and analyse. So, usually, only 5 to 10% of visitors comment on an article, this means that you don’t know the feeling of at least 90% of your visitors.

Vuukle doesn’t use an automatic software to check visitor sentiment, instead, we created a fast, customizable and beautiful widget where users, with a single click, can input their feedback about the post. And, as we said before, after the first interaction, users are much more likely to interact even more and return to you page.

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We have several other great features, don’t forget to check our other blog posts. And remember, Vuukle is free for all!

That’s it for today guys, see you next time!

Ravi Mittal

Founder & CEO, Vuukle

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