Vuukle partners with Heartland Media Group and Boosts Audience Engagement to 15,000 Actions in 20 Days

heartland media vuukle audience engagement

In a span of 20 days, Vuukle does 15,000 User Engagement actions on two of the Heartland Media group channels. Vuukle has been rolled out on WTHI-TV and KDRV-TV and has shown phenomenal user engagement results. Heartland Media, LLC, a local broadcast media company based in Atlanta, Georgia operates local broadcast TV stations and digital […]

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The Cons of the Social Age Part 2: How do Digital Publishers retain their prominence in the age of social communities

social media digital publishers

As Zenith report points out that internet advertising has this year overtaken television to become the biggest advertising medium globally. And internet-media companies are taking the top ranks. As seen in the previously, Facebook and Google are sopping up almost all of the growth while continue to grow in already available market. This has led […]

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The Cons of the Social Age Part 1: Digital Publishers losing their communities to Social Giants.

social media digital publishers

Gone are the days when publishers ruled the roost in delivering information. Today digital publishers have to compete against the ever dominating and rapidly changing landscape. These days any news article- be it about sports, war, politics, art or immigration- has to increasingly compete against social media feeds for attention and relevance. While the rise […]

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The Deadly Sin of Silencing Reader Comments on Media Websites

deadly sin silence reader comments

In 2011, TechCrunch switched to Facebook comments disabling commenting option on their website. After two years, TechCrunch dumped Facebook comments and was pleading for commenters to come back to their website. In 2016, WAN IFRA surveyed 78 organisations across 46 countries about the importance of commenting on their website. Eighty-two percent of the sites surveyed […]

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6 Innovative Ways to Fight Comment Trolls and Spam

vuukle fight troll spam

According to the YouGov poll, around a third of millennial Americans has trolled someone online. Trolls are nasty. So is spam. In a thriving online world, you must have encountered trolls and spam at some point or the other. If you haven’t, you will. As a publisher, your focus is to create news that your […]

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Digital Publishing: Why a Good Social Interaction is a must in the Digital Age?

social digital publisher

According to Behaviour Economics, the “Interaction on a digital platform is much easier because a computer does not require intellectual or emotional association.” The number of individuals on the internet is in billions. Social interaction rules the roost, helps to promote business to a huge crowd. Facebook and Google, without being publishers, are the most […]

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The Importance of having a Commenting System for your Website

importance commenting system

Every 60 seconds 510 comments are posted online. Yet, there’s a big dilemma. To use or not to use a commenting system for your website? Whether you are a small time blog or an established publisher, one of the things that truly matter is how people engage with you on your posts. The debate about […]

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New Social Networking Site – Your Website!

vuukle social network

Since December 2016, Facebook has become the ultimate publisher. News and content sharing websites that have been active on Facebook have seen a steady decline in their reach and engagement. This giant whale’s platform has a complex algorithm that isn’t easy for a layman to understand. Therefore it might be difficult to infer the exact […]

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