How to display article comment count on the home page of your site.

In this modern day, user engagement is very important and you can improve it if you show comment count on your home page. To display comment count for each article you need to call this API: API key&host=Your site host &list= Article ID’s separated by comma The comment count will be returned in response […]

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How to customize Emote Widget text

Vuukle allows you to customize Emote Widget text (below the Emoticons in the Emotes widget). The default text for each Emoticon is as follows. Customize Emote Widget text – table   Emoticon Default text Position in Widget Happy 1st Indifferent 2nd Amused 3rd Excited 4th Angry 5th Sad 6th Once you have made changes to […]

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How to customize text in the Vuukle

Vuukle allows you to customize text used in the Vuukle comment system according to your needs. The following values can be modified: rating_text – The text present besides the rating widget – Default: Give a rating comment_text_0 – The text for article with no comments – Default: Leave a comment comment_text_1 – The comment count text for […]

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