December 6, 2016

The Importance of Scroll Depth

The Importance of Scroll Depth

If you are a news publisher or blogger and don’t track scroll depth, you are missing out on the most important KPI on your industry.


Content-focused websites need to track user scroll depth. Vuukle can do this for you, but there are other options too.


Scroll depth can tell you exactly how much your visitors like and read your content.

Let’s say that you have a blog or a news website. A good amount of your users will come through organic search or Google News, probably because they searched about a particular topic. After reaching your website, they do not perform any action other than reading the entire article you have published and then they leave your website happy with the information you provided. Mission accomplished, right? Well, Google Analytics can show you a catastrophic scenario if you are not tracking scroll depth. Checking the metrics for this particular page, you will see low time on the site, few pages per session, and high bounce rate.

However, if you are tracking scroll depth (using GA event tracking), you will know that your visitor spent more time on your article and scrolled to the bottom. This event is like another interaction with your page, hence it will lower your bounce rate. S0, every time a depth threshold is reached, an engagement hit is sent to Google Analytics, making it track your bounce rate and time on site better.


Scroll depth is a more reliable metric than others like bounce rate and time on site. Bounce rate can often be misleading as explained in the example above. Time on site can also show a picture that is not accurate.

As always, you will have a more precise view of what is happening with your website if you analyze scroll depth together with bounce rate, time on site, and pages/session.


As mentioned earlier, Vuukle has a metric that provides scroll depth on the dashboard based on comments viewability. Using this metric, you can track the number of visitors who reach the comments box after your main content.

There are other tools, like this plugin, that you can use to track scroll depth directly in Google Analytics. It can be a little complicated to use for the regular user, but it is definitely worth using.

That’s it for today, folks. See you next time! 🙂