February 20, 2017

User Engagement for Multilingual Online Publishers on Vuukle Platform

Multilingual Online Publishers Vuukle

Hurray! We are proud to announce that Money Control Hindi and Gujarati are now running on the Vuukle Engagement Platform to power their 10 million monthly page views and engage their users better. With this we have on board a grand total of 1,000 multilingual online publishers!

User Engagement for Multilingual Online Publishers

Let us look back at the journey and understand the challenges we solved in powering user engagement for multilingual online publishers.

The Beginning in powering User Engagement for Multilingual Online Publishers

User Engagement for Multilingual Publishers

One of our earliest clients was Tamil The Hindu. Working with them was a major catalyst in developing some of the most powerful features in our product. Thanks to them, we now have the wonderfully easy-to-use moderation panel (loved by editors worldwide). To punish the jokers (and trolls) we developed Batman-like anti-spam technology that protects your comments. Today, it is no surprise that all major Tamil online publishers love Vuukle. The list includes,, Tamil One India, and more.

Over the years, we made roads northwards and now Vuukle powers the most read Marathi news portal Vuukle also powers one of the top Bangla news publisher Zoom Bangla and nearly all Hindi news publications including Aajtak, Jansatta and Hindi First Post.

Challenges faced by Multilingual Online Publishers

We worked with thousands of multilingual online publishers and acquired deep understanding of how the Internet still largely favors English. The challenges faced when you have to publish content in a different language are numerous. We seamlessly integrated cutting edge transliteration engine in the Vuukle comment box and enabled Unicode in content creation and in the URL. Last but not the least, our JavaScript enabled widgets load super fast because mobile Internet can still be slow in South Asia.

The Benefits Spillover to the mainstream

As a result of this, Vuukle has some of the fastest loading widgets on the planet. They render super smoothly on any browser your visitors use. Some editors, early adopters of Vuukle, wanted tight control on the moderation panel with more buttons and features than on an airplane dashboard! This forced us to design an awesome UI for our admin dashboard that our developers are proud of today.

Vuukle has successfully leveraged its experience in working with a select group of early adopters. Our developers and UI designers have crafted a battle-hardened user engagement platform for multilingual publishers all over the globe.

Why Online Publishers must have Multilingual Content

User Engagement for Multilingual Online Publishers Trump

If multilingual is not part of your long term strategy, you have been living under a rock. No matter how much Trump hates the Spanish and other speakers, the internet is a potpourri of cultures. You will have visitors who don’t speak English whether you want them or not. On the Vuukle platform, publishers with multilingual content have seen 24% more user engagement. If you want to integrate a user engagement platform that support multilingual content, look no further and drop a quick Hello to with subject “lets speak multilingual”!