July 6, 2017

5 ways Vuukle Fights Spam in Comment Section

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According to Journal of Economic Perspectives, spam costs American consumers and firms nearly $20 billion each year. While Mark Risher via BusinessWeek states that 40% of social media accounts are spam and 8% of social media posts are spam. Leave alone the incredible amount of spam in comment section that troubles every blogger and digital publisher.

Typical Comment Spam scenario, 370996 comments overall, 370085 of them spam!

This poor guy did not have proper Spam protection and as a result has 99.75% of comments as Spam. While there are tools and tricks which can help a bit, but tackling Spam still remains a daunting challenge. We here at Vuukle take it very seriously and have this strongly featured in our engagement system .

While, systems like Disqus are still struggling to get their filters right and have to blog explaining it. Vuukle has an array of systems and functionalities that let your comment system run on auto-pilot. Click To Tweet

How do you fight Spam on Disqus? They themselves are struggling to figure it out.

While others are still preparing to wage a war. Vuukle already has developed a lethal multi-pronged weapon in the form of its commenting system. Its effectiveness drastically reduces moderating costs and delivers best protection and provides amazing value for money.

This leads us to naturally get curious as what is it that makes Vuukle so superb. How does Vuukle fight spam? While we have the natural benefits of any commenting system such as filling up the Name and Email fields which inhibit spam to an extent. Here we look at what exactly sets Vuukle apart in taking down the Spam in Comment section.

1. Algorithm to track IPs and verify its credibility:

Spam essentially comes in two forms: manual and automated. In both cases it needs a system to run from, network to use and internet protocol to follow. The Vuukle system tracks IP addresses and verifies their pings on the website. If the activity seems suspicious, which it will be in case of spamming, the system raises a flag or blocks the user. This is an effective way to cut down most of the common spam.

2. Ability to scan comment text and flag repeat comment.

Spammers manual or bots will usually use the same text in their comments, across all target websites . Vuukle can track through the text in the comments from a repeat user to identify spammy activity. Click To Tweet You can try this at any of our client websites. Post the same comment 4-5 times or if you really wanna test the system mix-up 3-4 words in the comments, even then the system will raise the flag or block the user as per the settings set by the admin.

This way we make spammers work harder, they now need to vary the stuff with every spam comment.

Another internet user venting his frustration about Comment Spam. Vuukle eliminates this possibility of having to face a backlash.


3. Vuukle has Google’s anti-spam AI Perpective Integrated.

Spammers are considered pests because they keep evolving the tactics very rapidly and thus manage to get through most of the systems. Vuukle has partnered with Google to fight spam. It comes integrated with Google’s anti-spam artificial intelligence system.

This AI continuously learns from the experience it goes through and accordingly adapts and evolves to keep up with change of Spam tactics. It can instantly analyze the comment to check spam and toxicity even while the comment is still being typed. If the comment doesn’t pass the parameters it is not approved.

4. Keyword Blocking

Apart from all the above unique functionality Vuukle also allows the ability to block certain keywords from your comments. You can always maintain a Keyword blocklist of certain words. So in case you are receiving a lot in say Russian spam in comment section, you can copy those keywords and add to the Block list. The comments with any of these keywords will automatically be flagged for review or deleted directly as per the setting put in place by the admin. This has been and is a very reliable solution.

5. The best in business Moderation Panel

The amount of time and money that is spent on comment moderation by digital publishers is ridiculous. Its huge! They sit and weed out spam comments, troll comments, hate comments and what not. This gigantic issue is comprehensively solved by the moderation panel of Vuukle.

This one of a kind moderation panel is very elaborate and gives you all sorts of controls and quick fixes. It is not just blocking people or email addresses but rather a system that can run on auto-pilot.


Vuukle with its unique and very strong functionality provides an all-round solution in tackling spam. Click To Tweet The number of options its provides essentially enable you to leave the comment system on Auto-pilot, without having to worry about Spam. That’s the power it holds.

Vuukle drastically reduces the moderation costs which results in huge savings for publishers. Vuukle eliminates the humongous amounts of time, money and effort that is spent on this straightaway. With the presence across thousands of websites globally the system is only going to get more powerful and effective.

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