August 17, 2017

Vuukle goes Live on Hollywood movie review site JoBlo which features as the top 25 online entertainment sites by Entertainment Weekly, is now the latest addition to Vuukle’s list of clients. is known for its convivial tone, latest (to-the-minute) updates of recent movie trailers and exclusive clips.

JoBlo gets its name from its founder Berge Garabedian (aka JoBlo) who started the website in 1998. An avid movie reviewer, he provides an average movie-goer’s perspective in his critiques. Garabedian was quoted by USA Today as early as 2001.

The website has a huge community following where the registered users are known as ‘schmoes’. Addition of Vuukle will further bolster the JoBlo community to freely engage and express their views. Click To Tweet Apart from JoBlo’s own reviews, the site has grown to include feature movie trailers, previews, film scripts, interviews with celebrities, screensavers, etc. 

It even holds its annual award’s presentation for films enjoyed most by its visitors. These have come to be known as “The Golden Schmoes

Vuukle Goes Live on JoBlo.

Vuukle strongly bolsters the audience engagement on the client websites. With the strongly thriving community that JoBlo already has, Vuukle is sure to act as a power booster both in terms of improving engagement points and revenue.

With Vuukle going Live we tried to see how the audience was doing with the new system. As expected, the audience has quickly adapted with Vuukle's seamless system and are using to the hilt. Click To Tweet

Users show spirited usage.

The Emoji Widget: At times its tough to express what one feels in words. Thus, readers now have the option to use Emojis and express their reaction more easily. The JoBlo community has been very active on this widget. This is an essential engagement point apart from the comments the websites usually have.

Emojis on JoBlo as Vuukle Goes Live.

Emojis are the easiest to express sentiment.

Vuukle is the pioneer of below-the-fold advertising. Click To Tweet

Ads Revenue: Vuukle is the pioneer of below-the-fold advertising. With its engagement system it has brought value to this hitherto ignored section of the page. One can now see ads displayed in this section and bringing in additional revenue.

Social Sharing Widget: The design and placement of the Social sharing widget drives increased engagement and usage.

Social Sharing Widget on JoBlo. As Vuukle goes live.

Social sharing booms with the easy interface and optimized placement.

Vuukle Comments: The commenting system of Vuukle is seamless with easy-to-use interface. JoBlo community is having a jam with Vuukle Comments.

Vuukle’s interface encourages more new-comers to join commenting, and pushes rare-commenters to become more frequent with its points driven system.

JoBlo users letting it all out, using Vuukle Comments.

Talk of the Town Widget: The Talk of the Town widget shows readers the hottest topics at the given moment and allows them to directly participate.

Talk of the Town has consistently shown to recirculate significant amount of traffic on the website and has improved user session time by even 200%.

Talk of the Town has direct effect on user session time and traffic re-circulation.

Vuukle and Entertainment Websites:

By going live  on JoBlo, Vuukle marks a significant presence on top-notch entertainment websites. Vuukle enables these sites to connect better with more of their readers with its unique offerings. Its rapidly growing list of clientele endorses this fact by itself.

Vuukle delivers both on user engagement, improving user session time as well as increasing revenue.

Santoshkumar Pandey

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