October 12, 2017

Vuukle goes live on EDM Sauce, continues its foray into the EDM sphere.

EDM Sauce a booming source of latest updates on happenings in the Electronic Dance Music industry. The EDM sphere is pushed by millennials who swerve on emotions. Thus, EDM Sauce with is wide following is constantly on a look out for enhancing the readers experience. Vuukle is playing a crucial role in driving engagement amongst millennial audience by understanding their nuances.

We recently saw a well recognized EDM publisher opting for Vuukle while rejecting Facebook Comments. As Vuukle goes live on EDM Sauce, it just goes on to show the amount of value publishers see in Vuukle. Click To Tweet

What is EDM Sauce?

EDM Sauce is a popular source for Electronic Dance Music. It has number of playlists, music productions by popular celebs to rookies. From House Music, Trance, Dubstep to Electro Sax, Mashup, Trap and Moombahton, it indulges in all varieties. It also has “submit Song” option for any producer who wants to upload his music.

Along with it the website also delivers News and latest updates. The community feel, emotional drive and varied experiences is what this audience looks for. This is what has led to the website’s growth and which will be further enhanced with Vuukle going Live.

Multiple EDM Playlists on EDM Sauce

Founded by Steven Jacobs in 2012. The website has grown and on the journey been cited as:

  • #33 on Top 100 Music Blogs on the Web by Feedspot in 2016

  • #3 in EDM |Top 100 Most Influential Music Publications in the World – by Style of Sound 2014

  • #4 on Pepsi’s Best EDM Blogs Right Now List

The Vuukle Impact:

Let’s have a look as to how the various assets of Vuukle engagement system are performing on the website and discuss their impacts.

Vuukle Social Share Bar:

The Vuukle share bar sits in its simplicity right in its placement just below the Title. It displays all the information pertaining to the various engagement options like comments, likes, reactions while also allowing for sharing on any social platform instantly.

Vuukle Emote Bar:

Vuukle Emote Bar allows for tapping reader’s emotions.

Emote Bar makes a lot of difference especially as this audience is majorly of millennial generation who love to react and express their emotions.
It seems to have been adopted very well by EDM Sauce’s readers.

The advertisement available right where users are most active.

Vuukle Comments:

The Comments system is easy to use, with little to no inhibition for new users. The Login process in fairly simple.

At the same time it delivers top-notch protection against  spams, trolls and hate-speech.

The specialty of Vuukle Comments- ability to detect spam and toxicity even before comment is posted.

Talk of the Town feature:

Using the emotional response to various articles, this plugin showcases the best performing articles at that instant. The design shows sentiment and allows for arousal of curiosity. Appearing just at the end of the article it allows for re-circulation of traffic.

Helping Generate Additional Revenue:

The various products not just allow for community building, better engagement and audience experience but also avenues for increased revenue. We have seen increase in average user session time along with better traffic re-circulation. Click To Tweet Vuukle has also pioneered below-the-fold advertising wherein ads are placed at strategic locations which grab high eyeball attention but were neglected before.

Thus, as Vuukle goes live on EDM Sauce it also strengthens the forte of this growing website.

Santoshkumar Pandey

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