August 4, 2017

Vuukle Impact: Hubbard Broadcasting owned KOB4 sees 48% response rate on comments in July.

Vuukle went Live on KOB4 in June amid great expectations. A look at numbers for the month of July show the superb Vuukle impact made on KOB4’s user engagement. The comments yielded 48% response rate in the month of July, which is just spectacular. Earlier, Vuukle had reported boosting average user session time by over 50% for NBC2 News Network.

KOB4 is NBC-affiliated television station owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. KOB4’s television counterpart the KOB TV started its operation in 1948. It has a huge standing in New Mexico, with the channel’s slogan being KOB stands 4 New Mexico. It runs live, local, late-breaking coverage all across New Mexico, including Sante Fe, Alburquerque, Farmington, Roswell and beyond.

Publishers Vs Social Media Giants

Many Publishers are under the influence that social media giants will help them reach a larger audience and get more readers. What they forget are the cons of social age. The social media giants take away the hard-earned community, drastically impact the average user session time and thus impact revenue. Thus, even if the reach of the articles has somehow increased the actual revenue per user falls down.

KOB4 previously used Facebook Comments, but it was quick to realize that using Vuukle was the wiser decision. Vuukle allowed KOB4 to access and own the tremendous user data and use it for better understanding of audience behavior and optimizing strategy.

Vuukle itself registered 744 new users for KOB4 in just a month. The presence of Vuukle encouraged the audience to comment and interact more.
Thus, the quality of the audience vastly improved from the revenue point of view.

In the span of 30 days KOB4 had received 1,660 comments with a 48% response rate. Replies to comments are extremely positive indicator and a very healthy sign. Click To Tweet Replies show that the reader is not only interested in the content but also in the comments about it. Replies foster bonds and play a great role in building a loyal community for a website. They show that the readers feel valued and genuinely interested, it strengthens the community.

Of the total of over 1.6 million views received on KOB4, over 12% were generated by Vuukle. Click To Tweet The Vuukle impact is outstanding once one realizes that close to 200,000 views were added just by recirculating traffic.

Here are some Highlights from the Data:

Overview of Vuukle July Data for KOB4.

  • Vuukle added 744 new users for KOB4 in the just the second month after going Live.
  • Vuukle delivered a stupendous 48% response rate to the 1,660 comments received on KOB4.
  • While not everyone comments, the Emoticon widget allows for users to express themselves much more easily and freely. Vuukle recorded 47,172 emotes from the readers. Before Vuukle, there was no way for readers to do this and neither a way for the publisher to gauge the data.
  • 3% of the all the viewers expressed using the Emoticons and could thus be segregated as having greater interest.

    Vuukle delivered a total of 98,801 user engagement actions in a single month! That is a total of 60 engagements per 1000 page views.

  • The social shares button was used 38,305 times, ie. 2.3% of the viewers actively shared the articles on social sites using Vuukle Social Sharing widget. This is a very good figure in comparison and shows highly engaged audience.
  • KOB4 received a total of over 1.6 million views of which over 12% were generated by Vuukle.
  • A traffic of close to 200,000 viewers was recirculated by Vuukle widgets directly. Thus, increasing the prominence of below the fold section of the page greatly.
  • 9,069 clicks were received by the Recommend button.

The Vuukle Impact: Engagement Delivers Revenue

Apart from the views, comments and replies the data shows a lot more has been happening.

With Vuukle you have multiple other ways to gauge the audience interest other than just the comments.

The Emoticon widget allows for display of emotion when describing it in words may not seem adequate. The Social share widget and Recommend option allows the readers to endorse the article and share it in their own circles.

All these engagement data points are what increases the value of every user and plays an important role in improving revenue. The data shows that below the fold section of the page can also see activity. Vuukle pioneers below the fold advertising and helps publishers make the most of this activity.

An example of Below-the-fold advertising in action.

The Takeaway:

The important fact to note here is all of this is happening on your website and not on some third-party social media platform. Having Vuukle allows one to get access to all kinds of data and tap into the varied spectrum of audience interest which would otherwise go unnoticed.

This data also goes on to prove that publishers can now increase their engagement directly on their website rather than switching to social platforms. Vuukle delivered 60 engagements per 1000 page views! Click To Tweet Having this amount of engagement directly on your website is what allows publishers to generate increased revenue while also achieving other objectives.

Santoshkumar Pandey

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