May 12, 2017

Vuukle goes Live on India TV and KhabarIndia TV

Who doesn’t know Rajat Sharma in India! A voice of citizens for many years and the founder of India TV.  But today, instead of him we bring you the breaking news!

Vuukle has gone live on India TV and on its Hindi counterpart the Khabar India TV.

India TV counts as one of the top News channels in India. Its good to see the ones who put forth the voice of its citizens, adopting services which enable better and quality conversation by its readers. Vuukle delivers better engagement, experience and drastically improves the quality of the comments. Click To Tweet

Here are how the new comments tabs on both these news websites looks like: Smooth and clean and easy on the eye.

The Vuukle Comment Plugin is already analyzing my comment for any toxicity and spam.

Vuukle is a pioneer in achieving hyper growth engagement. I have seen their magic earlier and look forward to push IndiaTV to greater heights.Vikas Handu, VP, Digital Business, IndiaTV

On Khabar India TV you will be greeted with option to comment in Hindi as well. That’s so unique, adaptive and reflective of user needs on part of Vuukle.

The Comments bar on KhabarIndia TV also give an Hindi alternative.

Both India TV and Khabar India TV publish several articles a day. Khabar India TV is one of those mediums which taps very well into the regional Hindi readers. To optimize and improve exposure to every article as well as highlight current hot and trending topics, is an interesting feature to achieve.

You can easily spot the “The Talk of the Town” widget doing its job. Just as you  scroll down to finish off and leave, one sees the lucrative hot topics highlighted by Vuukle.

The most attention grabbing topics of the moment specially highlighted.

The Talk of The Town widget not only highlights but rather puts the most engaging content in that point of time in front of the viewer. For multiple clients it has improved session time by over 100%.

Thus two much visited and very important news sites have added a superb feature in their cap. Its easy to use, adaptable, keeps trolls and spammers away, while also enhancing engagement and increasing revenue. Multiple objectives achieved in one stroke.

Santoshkumar Pandey

Engineer by qualification, content & marketing expert by profession. Meditate, blibliophile & a creative geek.