June 26, 2017

Vuukle Goes Live on KOB4, owned by Hubbard Broadcasting

kob4 vuukle live

KOB4 – An NBC affiliate owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, has now been updated with the powerful audience engagement system. Vuukle already powers another NBC affiliate and has shown splendid results. Now with it going live on KOB4 and things are about to get pretty exciting for its web platform.

KOB TV- the television counterpart of KOB4 started its operation as a TV channel in 1948. This channel has a huge standing in New Mexico, to the extent that the channel’s slogan is KOB stands 4 New Mexico. It provides live, local, late-breaking coverage across New Mexico, including Alburquerque, Sante Fe, Farmington, Roswell and beyond.

This station is New Mexico’s oldest and trusted news station. As for its affiliate partner NBC is oldest major broadcasting network in the US and has 13 owned and operated stations and nearly 200 affiliates. The parent company of KOB4 is the Hubbard Broadcasting. Founded by Stanley Hubbard who is also the CEO, Hubbard Broadcasting itself has a number of outlets throughout the region.

Vuukle Live on KOB4 :

KOB4 with 2 million monthly views goes live on Vuukle to increase audience engagement Click To Tweet Vuukle with its proprietary technology has successfully helped websites deliver superior performance in terms of engagement and revenue.

Emoticons Widget Live on KOB4 and its already buzzing.

All of the various Vuukle widgets can already be seen buzzing with activity. The Emoticons widget lets the users express themselves. It gives relevance to the reader’s feelings, and delivers a way of expression which might not always be possible through words. It also becomes a great tool for enhancing interactivity, an essential aspect for all digital publishers.

The social shares widget on KOB4 is seeing very healthy shares.

The Social shares widget allows readers to easily share posts on social media. One can easily see the spike in number of shares through this widget. This helps involve the reader’s own social community to the website.

Talk of the Town widget recommends stories to users based on their activity through the website.

Readers activity throughout the website is a good indication of their interests. Vuukle’s Talk of the Town widget recommends articles based on this information. This highly increases the probability that the reader will check out one of the recommendations. This highly increases the very important metric- average user session time.

Vuukle Comments:

The Vuukle commenting system is a piece of art. Its so easy to use and has great features.

With no Login hassles, anyone and everyone can comment quick and fast. This allows the readers to have better discussions and builds up a community, which is highly essential in driving user engagement for the long term.

The smooth UI of Vuukle Comments system is a gem.

The commenters receive points thus developing a sense of being rewarded. Other feature of Comments include using Google Perspective to tackle hate speech and trolling. Vuukle’s machine learning algorithm tackles Spam of any kind. This keeps the comments section clean and tidy and eliminates almost all of the exhaustive moderating efforts.

Vuukle Revenue and Monetization:

As is vividly clear from above, the various widgets deployed by Vuukle immensely increase the audience engagement. Vuukle reported 24% increase in average user session time across all digital publishers Click To Tweet Vuukle also pioneers below the fold advertising and places relevant ads just above the comments box. This placement sees a hub of activity as opposed to the traditional sidebar ads.

Combining all of these Vuukle delivers quick and effective results in terms of better monetization and enhanced revenue.


With Vuukle going live on KOB4, the website is sure to see better performance. This also begins a new partnership and empowers the practice to make the publishers better equipped.

Vuukle already powers numerous news portals, the likes of which include NBC-2, KEYC, Khaleej Times, News18, etc.

It also recently partnered with Lakana Nexstar General which reaches out to around 39% of US households.
All of this can also be seen as the start of a bigger fight, that of helping the publishers retain the prominence.

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