May 4, 2017

Why is Vuukle on a Mission to make the Comments sections on Internet Hate Free

vuukle mission fight comment hatred

The comment section on news websites is filled with hate speech, racial slurs, personal insults and threats. Online anonymity removes the basic decorum we maintain in social situations. In some case, it brings out the worst in us. This post covers Vuukle’s mission to make the comment section on the Internet hate free.

Last month, Talking New Media published a report from a study that has been conducted to find out what readers want when it comes to the online comment section. The survey also glazed upon readers civility or the rather the lack of, when it comes to posting comments online. The study was conducted by surveying twenty media and news publishing websites and the results are shocking.

‘’51% of commenters see the space as somewhat or very uncivil’’

Although the focus of the study was on news media websites, the insights can be applied to any person or brand who post content online.

So why is everyone on the internet so angry?

Freedom of speech, anonymity, lack of accountability and the physical distance from the target makes the comment section a hotbed for commenters to express their extreme viewpoint, says Art Markman, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Neal Gabler, a cultural Journalist on his story on Farewell, America quoted that

‘’We all knew these hatreds lurked under the thinnest veneer of civility. That civility finally is gone. In its absence, we may realize just how imperative that politesse was. It is the way we managed to coexist.’’

Earlier this year, Forbes came up with a story asking readers, if Social Media Platforms Really Care About Online Abuse? The story covered the broadcast of the ruthless beating of Mexican Senator Ana Gabriela Guevara who was beaten by men after a road crash in December 2016 on facebook. The video got 16,000 views!

BrandBastion’s study on the types of social media threats across various news publishers such as ABC News, CBS News, Sky News, NBC News, CNN, Time, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today revealed 31% were threats that were extremely aggressive, defamatory and intense bullying.

A further 20 percent were classified as “hate speech,” attacking a person or group based on specific attributes.

Overall, the hate speech discovered focused on nationality (33 percent), religion (31 percent), race (18 percent), sexual orientation (9 percent), gender (6 percent) and political views (4 percent).

Vuukle Introduces Google AI Technology to Stop Comment Hatred

What If we can find the perspective of the commenters? Would it be easier to make comments less toxic? Perspective API uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation. It is easier to find new perspectives and rate them for their toxicity levels.

See the results of some of these comments

You are full of shit 96% likely to be perceived as “toxic”

What nonsense! 44% likely to be perceived as “toxic”

Great read and extremely insightful 9% likely to be perceived as “toxic”

How Digital Publishers can use Vuukle to Fight Comment Hatred

Developers and publishers can use this score to give real time feedback to commenters or help moderators do their job, or allow readers to more easily find relevant information. Conversation AI is an open source project of Google. Publishers and media houses can catch abuse even before it gets published. Vuukle has partnered with Google and is using its API function to manage comment hatred. By using Vuukle’s user engagement and commenting platform, media houses and publishers can take advantage of the integrated perspective API to manage and control comment hatred online. The best part? You don’t have to be tech savvy to integrate this feature. Publishers who do not understand coding can easily adopt this feature. Google does the number crunching. Vuukle provides the platform integration for user commenting and engagement. If you are a publisher, you can now sit back and let Vuukle clean up all the filthy comments. While you work on your next viral story.

Vuukle has been working with over thousands of publishers. This integrated Google’s Perspective API into Vuukle’s comments plugin has been showing a significant change in the kind of comments that are being posted online. How? A commenter who is spewing negativity on any media site that uses Vuukle, will have his comments rated as toxic and flagged automatically to the moderator. The moderator can choose not to publish it. Vuukle has been currently working with NBC-2, KEYC, Daily Sun, Ozee, BGR, Asian Age. Deccan Chronicle and more with a mission to make the comments section on the Internet hate free.

Have something nasty to say? Think twice.

Bavani Srinu

Bavani Srinu is the founder of two start-ups, Ichiqoo and Swapp. She is also a free-spirited writer, a marketing professional, a mother and an avid travel enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @bavanisrinu