June 26, 2017

Vuukle partners with Heartland Media Group and Boosts Audience Engagement to 15,000 Actions in 20 Days

heartland media vuukle audience engagement

In a span of 20 days, Vuukle does 15,000 User Engagement actions on two of the Heartland Media group channels. Vuukle has been rolled out on WTHI-TV and KDRV-TV and has shown phenomenal user engagement results.

Heartland Media, LLC, a local broadcast media company based in Atlanta, Georgia operates local broadcast TV stations and digital media assets across the continental United States. Their mission is to build a television group by acquiring top rated stations, provide strong local news targeting university towns and state capitals that are deeply ingrained in the fabric of their communities.

WTHI-TV is a CBS-affiliated television station located in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States. For a news leader who has been the first in many, from going on air, films, videotapes, computerised newsroom and also being the first local news choice, their primary focus is on community involvement. WTHI-TV presently broadcasts 19½ hours of locally produced newscasts each week. Syndicated programs broadcast by WTHI-TV include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live! with Kelly, Entertainment Tonight, The Closer, and Inside Edition.

KDRV-TV is another leading news channel based in Medford, Oregon has been airing local news for close to three decades and are currently broadcasting 36 hours of locally produced newscasts every week. That will be 6 hours on weekdays and 3 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays. KDRV-TV has seen a significant surge in its user engagement as well.

We took a deep dive to see the engagement factor Vuukle has been able to bring in for both WTHI-TV and KDRV-TV on their websites in the last 20 days and the results have been extraordinary!

WTHI-TV and Vuukle

WTHI-TV received 286,000 page views in 20 days flat! They also managed to get close to 5 new signs up a day. What is interesting to note is that, an equal number of users commented and voted on a story.

WTHI-TV received 286,000 page views in 20 days flat!

With over 6000 new sessions created, it is evident that the number of visitors have increased in this period. Close to 150 clicks per day on the emotions have also been recorded.

KDRV-TV and Vuukle

Having looked into the analytics in the past 20 days we noticed that KDRV-TV has been able to get over 8000 page views in a day! They have also managed to increase their engagement on their website clocking 125 new visits per day. Close to 3 new signs up and 100 + reactions on the emoticon widget has been noted.

KDRV-TV receives 125 new visits a day, everyday - June 2017 Click To Tweet

These data goes to prove that publishers can now increase their engagement on their website rather than switching to social platforms whereby they will eventually lose their customers to such platforms.

Powered by Vuukle

WTHI-TV and KDRV-TV choosing to use Vuukle for their audience engagement has paid off and the results can be seen. Vuukle’s powerful commenting tool and engagement platform makes it easy or end users to express their opinion without having to divulge their personal data. WIth interactive widgets that helps people express their sentiment in one click to an easy to use commenting platform resonates with today’s audience sentiment and here’s proof in the numbers we see. While engagement is the biggest challenge for most publishers, the ‘Talk of the Town recommendation widget keeps users glued on to their website by showing relevant and trending stories.

With Vuukle’s widgets, visitors are spending up to 3X longer on publisher platforms. Click To Tweet

How is Vuukle doing the extraordinary?

While digital publishers have been constantly losing their readers to social media, Vuukle’s effort is to bring the readers back to the publishers platforms. The real pain point for publishers is the increasing amount of time users are spending inside the Facebook environment. WTHI-TV and KDRV-TV, who were using Facebook comment plugins earlier did get such engagement that Vuukle’s comment plugin has been able to deliver.

‘Our focus is to provide a powerful engagement platform for publishers to retain and nurture their audience and at the same time, make it easy for readers to engage and be pulled into a conversation’ – Ravi Mittal, CEO , Vuukle

Vuukle and Artificial Intelligence

With the increase in Spam and trolls online, many publishers chose to move away from comments on their website. This is actually backfired and resulted in the loss of their readers. Vuukle partnered with Google and has integrated Artificial Intelligence in its commenting platform. Trollers and spammers will not be able to publish hate speeches in the comment box now. Every comment posted can be auto moderated by the admin who has the power to set up toxicity level scores. The intelligent chat box also shows the toxicity scores for end users who can modify their comment before hitting the publish button.

The aim of Vuukle is to ‘lockdown’ the user in the publisher’s environment, just like Facebook does inside their walled garden. It has been possible and the results are here to speak.

Bavani Srinu

Bavani Srinu is the founder of two start-ups, Ichiqoo and Swapp. She is also a free-spirited writer, a marketing professional, a mother and an avid travel enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @bavanisrinu