February 17, 2016

Vuukle Website Analytics Tool

Featured Image - Vuukle Website Analytics Tool

So you think Google Analytics provides you with everything! Think again! Valuable information is missing on Google Analytics. Things like author analytics, topic analytics and comments viewability are valuable information that can help you further improve your rankings, user engagement and ultimately, visits.

In this post you will learn about different features offered by our Vuukle analytics dashboard like:

  • Author Analytics
  • Topic Analytics
  • Comment Viewability
  • Big Data
  • And much more

Why is website analytics so Important?

Without proper analysis, it is impossible to optimize and improve things like user experience, user engagement or any other aspect related to a website. How can you create more engaging content without knowing exactly how it is performing?

It is crucial to know the exact metrics of your website and the content to be able to optimize it. Without metrics, optimizing a website would be simply a matter of trial and error, and I can assure you that this would happen with many more errors than success.

Vuukle Analytics Tools

Vuukle Audience Development Platform Dashboard

A term coined by Bill Gates in 1996 is frequently used on the internet to express how important content is in our days.

“content is king”

Said 20 years ago, this expression is probably even more real today than it was back when it was said.

And how can you optimize your content?

By analysing the metrics related to content like viewability, author engagement, topic engagement and more. Yes, Google Analytics is a great analytics tool, but have you ever heard or seen anything related to those metrics on any Google Analytics report? Probably not. That is where Vuukle Analytics Tool can make a difference. Among other features we provide:

Comment Viewability

We will show you how many of your comments have been read and which articles have a greater scroll depth. Do your visitors see the comment box or they are just dropping off in the middle of the article? Discover where users are dropping and improve your writing style to keep them happy and engaged.

Author Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great to know which of your authors write the most engaging content? The authors who are generating more internal referral traffic? Then it’s just a matter of asking your top writer to write more.

Topic Analytics

Works basically the same as with the author analytics, but this time we are categorising articles by topic and not by author. You will be able to discover which topics are performing better and focus on creating content for them.

Big Data Analytics

Wondered which browser people use to engage the most with your content. Or the country with less engagement or even a combination of device with social login status? Well, we can give you everything.

Why Vuukle complements your Google Analytics

The truth is that Google Analytics is a hell of an Analytics Platform. It is the most used tool in its category today. Still, it lacks simple visualization and metrics that can help you improve your website engagement.

Where else can you have this kind of author and topic analytics? Where can you get a streamlined viewability data? Our focus is to improve your content, your website traffic, internal referral traffic, SEO, and much more. For us, the key is to have more visitors commenting and browsing on your website.

So while Google provides you a free platform where you can see almost everything that happens with your blog or website, Vuukle provides you with a free platform where you can see everything and know exactly what needs to be done and improved to have more conversions, more traffic, etc.

Try Vuukle Audience Development Platform today!

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