December 29, 2015

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We are a company that provides audience development tools, more specifically tools to improve user engagement for enterprise level blogs and websites. As of today, our clients have more than 700 million pageviews and around 74.9 million users every month out of which 72.9% are from South Asia, which means 1 in 6 users online in India are going through the Vuukle comment system.

Indian Premium Publishers

After several hundred cups of coffee (for each one of us) and long nights of research and development, we created a tool that provides comments on steroids for blogs and websites. And by using this tool we are able to do great things for our customers like, improve user engagement, big data analytics, business intelligence, author analytics, page analytics, topic analysis, and the best of everything, increase revenue per pageview*. Let’s check every feature one by one!

Increase Engagement Time

By inviting the visitor to comment anywhere you like, we are able to improve user interaction with the article page. On top of this, every Vuukle comment box shows most commented news, in a cohesive, integrated and engaging way.
The final result is a huge boost in internal referral traffic created by the Vuukle comment system. As you can see in the image below the average Vuukle user spends 5x time compared to a Facebook user.

User Engagement

Big Data Analytics

This tool makes possible to better identify the website commenters. When you have 1000(s) of comments pouring in per day, this kind of information is better than gold. Vuukle clients have access to commenters e-mail, geolocalization, browser, device type, comment viewability and more. One could ask how this is different from Google Analytics or ChartBeat, well, our data is totally focused on commenters. With this valuable information website owners are capable of optimizing their website to create even more engaging articles.

 Big Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Vuukle comments platform provides a full report on how your content is performing. Things like social shares, number of comments, votes on comments, article ratings are standard on Vuukle. But on top of that, clients have notification e-mail open rate and CTR.
Again, valuable information that can be used for next posts/news topic modeling based on user engagement, e-mail A/B tests and much more.

 Business Inteliigence

Author Analytics

Author analytics helps website owners identify which are their best authors and curate content on a way to improve user engagement, returning users, pageviews and reduce bounce rate. We can show exactly which of your authors are most commented, which have the most social sharing stats and even which have the highest pageviews.

Author Analytics

Page Analytics

Again, another useful set of metrics to show exactly where your website is heading and how you can make it move faster or change direction. Pageviews, top performing articles based on the number of pageviews and top performing articles based on comments are just a few stats of our complete suite.
The best feature however is the comment platform viewability. This is very important and something that Google Analytics does not provide out of the box. With this kind of information authors can correctly analyse and optimize how they write and decide their posts structure.

Page Analytics

Topic Analysis

Do you ever wonder if there is a simple way to discover which of your post topics generate more pageviews, social shares, comments and attracts more traffic? Now it is possible. Vuukle provides you a clear chart that shows your top topics, authors, making it easier to know where you should concentrate your efforts.

Topic Analysis

Increase Website Revenue

That’s the best part right? It doesn’t really matter if your website is receiving more quality traffic than before if you are earning the same amount of money. Ok, that’s not entirely true, it’s always good when our websites attracts more traffic, since usually more traffic means more money.
With Vuukle’s comment platform, your website can generate more money with the exact same amount of traffic. How? By monetizing the comments section with a highly targeted ad. This means a very high CTR combined with an above the average CPC.

Increase website revenue

But you still remember the other features we talked about, don’t you? If not, less caffeine and more sleep time for you please! Vuukle comment system improves user engagement generating more internal traffic and pageviews, this means that you can earn more per pageview and also have more pageviews. Win/win situation for you. Just remembering that every website needs to be approved by us to be qualified to earn revenue from the comments section.

But we don’t stop there, those are only the main Vuukle features. Your website can achieve greater things by using Vuukle’s comments service. Website SEO will be boosted by the new and better internal linking structure that we provide. You will have more traffic because of the visitors that Vuukle website can send you. And much more.

On next posts we will be focusing on explaining each of these features in more detail and providing you with a few case studies we did. That’s all for today :).

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Ravi Mittal
Founder & CEO, Vuukle

Ravi Mittal

Founder & CEO, Vuukle

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