October 4, 2017

Yet another publisher rejects Facebook Comments. Vuukle goes Live on YourEDM!

The effectiveness of Vuukle engagement system gets highly endorsed as publishers across genres continue to embrace it. The latest high profile entry is a leading music segment publisher. Vuukle goes live on YourEDM, the most recognized publication in the sphere of Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

The interesting thing is the website has quit the Facebook Comments Plugin it previously had. Its adoption of Vuukle clearly shows the disgruntled experience publishers have with Facebook.

About YourEDM:

YourEDM was founded by Elliot Sachs in 2012, as an attempt to deliver accurate and up to date news related to the ever-growing world of EDM. Today, it has an unparalleled status when it comes to creation and maintenance of coverage of this popular industry. This online media property currently boasts of over 8 million monthly visitors.

Their audience is seen to have highly passionate interest and getting Vuukle, is a great step forward towards making the experience more interactive and engaging.

Vuukle Goes Live on YourEDM:

Its been just a few days since Vuukle went Live, lets have a look at how our various features are performing on this website.

Vuukle Comment Plugin:

It is Vuukle’s most power-packed plugin which boasts of multiple features. The visitors of the website have adopted and started using it.

Soon this will boost the discussions on topics and also aid massively with community building.

Identifies toxic and spam comment even as it is being typed.

Facebook comments have terrible reputation for comment spam and hate speech. It discourages interested users from participating.

The Vuukle Comments UI is seamless and there are no hassles in using it. Unlike Facebook Comments, it is boosted with specialized anti-spam features coupled with measures to control trolls and hate-speech making it a standout.

Vuukle comments enables the moderation team to go on hibernate mode as it drastically reduces the effort. Click To Tweet

The Emote Bar:

Most readers often leave if they do not feel like commenting but the Emote bar allows for engagement even for this audience. The audience of YourEDM is using it to a large extent. The bar has become popular in such a short time as it connects with the emotional aspect of the readers. The users are loving not having to use the Facebook Comments anymore.

Vuukle also delivers advertisement here, as it is an hotspot for the visitors the ad placement is a great move. It increases the revenue for the publisher.

Vuukle Share Bar:

The carefully crafted placement, the UI, the simplicity all make it an extremely useful tool to have. It displays all the engagement information and at the same time allows for social sharing with ease. Does not interfere in the reading experience, yet fulfills its function.

Talk of The Town Plugin:

Vuukle’s Talk of the Town Plugin highlights the most popular YourEDM articles at that given moment. This allows readers to know the hot topics and check them out.

The Talk of the Town Plugin has consistently increased the avg user session time by recirculating the traffic within the website.

All Vuukle plugins combined allow for more expression, better engagement and increased revenue. Click To Tweet

As for the performance the Vuukle plugins do not any effect on the website’s speed, they integrate seamlessly and do not have any hassles.

Vuukle Live On YourEDM: Conclusion

It is another addition of clients which having been disappointed by Facebook turned to Vuukle. The look and feel of YourEDM has changed a lot. Given by the way the audience has embraced Vuukle can be assumed that adaptation has become quite an hit.

They seem to be loving the freedom from Facebook Comments. Their audience like to express uninhibitedly and Vuukle has effectively delivered the option to do so with many added features.

Santoshkumar Pandey

Engineer by qualification, content & marketing expert by profession. Meditate, blibliophile & a creative geek.